Backup MySQL Database with Mysqldump Command

MySQL has gained much popularity since its release in 1995. Today, most of the large websites are Using MySQL Database for storing data of their users and their text based data. Backing Up MYSQL Database is very important for a website owner. This tutorial will teach you How to Backup a MYSQL Database using Mysqldump Command.


backup mysql database with mysql dump command


MySQL provides you a nice Command Line Utility for Backing Up Your Mysql Database and Restoring it later. This Command Line set is supplied with MYSQL in a bin Directory.

Getting Mysql Backup using Mysqldump:

Use the following command for taking backup of your mysql database with command line:

Above command can be executed using SSH. See the example command below:


Backing Up Multiple MYSQL Databases:

Below command is useful for those who needs to Backup More Than One Database Using Command Line Utility.

Here is the example for Multiple Databases Backup:

Now what if you want to backup all the databases in your mysql server? Here is the utility for this purpose:

Backup All Databases with Command Line:


Backup Specific Table using Mysql Dump:

You can see the example for using this command. Here it is:

 Restore a Mysql Database with Mysqldump:

The example usage of above code is as follows:
I hope it helps. Any comments, suggestions and improvements are welcome in comments.

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