How to Get Client ID and Secret Key For REST API From PayPal Account

PayPal Client ID and Secret Key is required, when PayPal is integrated in websites as payment method.

These credentials will be provided in REST API configuration for REST API to work with your PayPal Account.



Here are the steps to get Client ID & Secret Key:

1. Login to PayPal & Click on Applications

Go to PayPal Developers Homepage:

PayPal Developer Homepage

2. Create New Application

Click on Create App to create new application.

Create New App Paypal Developers


3. Fill in New App name And create App

Fill App Details PayPal Developers Create App Page


4. Click on App name you provided to get REST API Details

Select App To get REST API Details

5. Get Client ID & Secret Key for Sandbox(Testing) and Live PayPal

Client Id & Secret Key For REST API Sandbox and Live PayPal Versions

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