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Recently I have got many email asking about how to create a page for promoting business/website on twitter. As Facebook and Google+ offer their users feature to create pages for business, companies, websites etc. People think that similarly twitter is offering feature for creating pages to build their business identity on Twitter.

But there is a little misconception about it. Twitter does not support any such feature. Instead you can create a separate Twitter account for your business. Twitter does not mind if you are a real person, a company or a website.

Here are below steps to create company/business page:


  1. Create an account on twitter same with your website/ company name.
  2. Click the settings button.
  3. Click on edit profile link.
  4. Fill in your complete profile information, logo, website link.
  5. Save change.
  6. You are done. Your company profile/page is active.
  7. Share tweets regarding your business and your website links.


Twitter Settings

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