Why premium DNS is essential now!

You might have come across the term “Premium DNS”, ever gave it a second thought. A few years back no one even thought that DNS services would be paid someday, but now here we are.
Domain name servers are an integral part of the DNS system, they handle queries to find the location of a web server where a website is hosted. DNS is involved in every internet activity like web surfing, email, chat and more. DNS servers handle queries to your domain. Once your website is up and running you want to be sure that it is highly available to users. Most domains registrars include a free DNS service which provides basic functions, whereas Premium DNS provides extra security and uptime. The choice of name servers effects your website performance and user experience.

Types of DNS Servers.

DNS software’s are used to self-host DNS.

Free DNS services

like NameCheap, Noip, Freedns provide basic functionality for free.

Premium DNS

Cloudflare and Namecheap provide Premium DNS for fast DNS resolution, redundancy, and security.


DNS propagation requires a maximum of 48 hours to resolve DNS worldwide. DNS Check tool can be used to view live DNS resolution worldwide.

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