Install WordPress on your computer without XAMPP

Today I will tell you how to install WordPress on your own computer on windows in just 5 minutes without installing any complex software like XAMPP, MAMP,  WAMP etc. Before we go any further let us look into some of the reason why installing WordPress on local computer is useful.


Install WordPress on your computer without XAMPP

#1. If you want to host your WordPress on internet, you will need to get a domain and space from web hosting company. It will cost you money, but installing wordpress on localhost is free unless you do want to get it online.

#2. You have downloaded a theme or plugin and you want to check it before getting it online.

#3. You are a programmer/designer and you want to develop plugins or themes for wordpress or perform some customization in wordpress files, and want to test it before getting it in a live website.

#4. You want to learn how to use WordPress and want to check if this is the CMS you want for your blog.

Well their might be other reasons you want to use wordpress on,local computer. Now let’s get to the solution.

 How to Install WordPress on your computer.

It is not much difficult to install PHP and MYSQL on local computer to run WordPress on local computer. It can be done with XAMPP and similar software’s. But luckly there is a much simpler solution available.

# Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer:

Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a simple & free solution to install WordPress in local computer. Microsoft Web Platform Installer is designed to let’s you develop and run websites locally. It has simple wizard that lets you install and run desired software on local computer. It will automatically install all dependencies automatically for your software to work. Installer is web based and only downloaded what you need.

Click here to download Microsoft Web Platform Installer. After downloading, open it. Search for “WordPress” in search bar and install. That’s it, simple 5 minutes installation of WordPress using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Step1: When you open this welcome screen appears. Now you will have to search for WordPress in search bar in top right corner.

Startup Wizard


Step 2: Search for WordPress in the search bar. You can see the arrow is pointing the area where you will search.

Search For WordPress

Step 3: The search results will appear and you can see “WordPress” in search results. Click add to start WordPress installation.

microsoft web platform installer

Step 4: As you can see that installation has started.


Step 5: Now enter the security keys, its is important to keep your WordPress installation safe.

Configuration & Security

Step 6: Now installation has completed. WordPress will have assigned a random username and password to you. Copy it to login to WordPress. Click finish.


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